ECO-Friendly products

Our suggested products focus on the four pillars of eco-friendly products: biodegradable products, paper containers, biomass products, and recycled PET.

To try our best to make a sustainable society a reality is our ongoing contribution to UN’s SDGs. Please try our environmentally friendly products that aim to solve social issues as well as solidify your corporate value.

1) Compostable products
The raw material itself contains a large amount of biomass raw material extracted from plants. At the end of its useful life, it biodegrades under certain conditions. Because compostable products contain a lot of biomass raw materials, it becomes a carbon offset product that offsets the CO2 absorbed during the plant growing process. When the product is incinerated, the CO2 reduction is a major concern. This is our contribution to SDG’s 13th goal "Climate Action".

2) Eco-Friendly products
The paper containers we trade are coated with biodegradable Bio-PBS and are biodegraded by micro-organisms in the soil. As more brand manufacturers turn to paper containers over plastic, we believe that this product can bring added value and contribute to your corporate value. In addition, Bio-PBS uses plenty of plant-derived raw materials and contributes to carbon offset and SDG’s 13th goal "Climate Action".

3) Bio PE / Bio PET products
The plastic which is called biomass plastic is made from renewable organic material such as plants. Although it is not biodegradable, plants are used as a substitute for petroleum, therefore it is a carbon offset product. Bio PE/PET contributes to SDG’s 13th goal "Climate action".

In many cases, the moldability and function are compatible to those of conventional plastics, and it is popular as it is environmentally friendly companies’ first choice

4) Recycled PET products
We recycle PET bottles collected from market into products such as tableware, cosmetic containers, films, and miscellaneous goods.

We contribute to the recycling society by revising the mass production and mass consumption economic model defined in SDG’s 12th goal: "Responsible Consumption and Production". We are also increasing the handling of recycled raw materials other than PET, and can be deployed in a wide range of fields.

In addition, we handle equipment for plastic recycling process, such as boiler machines for used plastic and PET bottle recycling systems. They produce materials for environmentally friendly as a result.

More environment-friendly products mean out clients have more choices. It is best to choose the most suitable products with a sensible price tags. Our knowledge and experience in the industry can make it happen.