Our service includes sourcing diverse types of machineries such as ones for rubber processing, plastic molding as well as automatic machineries. Rubber processing and automatic machineries, with their high competitive edge, are widely used in the automobile industry.

For over half a century, Toplax has been an expert in sourcing the equipment such as injection molding machines, blowers, and extruders. Our clients can fully rely on our full support for the equipment’s production control system for FA and the support for equipment introduction.
  • Plastic molding machine:
    - Injection molding machine
    - Extrusion molding machine
    - Blow molding machine
  • Thermoforming machine (pressure air / vacuum forming)
  • Rubber processing Machinery
  • Magnesium die-casting molding system
  • Environment-related facilities, Plant and equipment and so on Mainly from Thai, Japan, Taiwan and China
  • Crusher
  • Annealing Box